AWakening comics LINKS

2015 Comix Gab Episode 18 Chat with Steve Peters

2013 Secret Identity Comics Review of The Comicverse #3 

2013 Secret Identity Comics Review of The Comicverse #2

2013 QRD #62 Interview with Steve Peters

2010 Vimeo Josh Flowers' SPACE video

2009 David Chelsea Blog Entry about Awakening Comics #0 and Chemistry

2008 IndieSpinnerRack Interview with Steve Peters

2008 Comics Should Be Good! Review of Chemistry

2007 Atomic Avenue Review of Sparky In Love

2007 IndieSpinnerRack Chemistry interview (Starts at 54:56)

2007 Optical Sloth Review of Chemistry

2006 Atomic Avenue Review of The Origin Of Sparky

2006 Jog-The Blog Review of The Origin of Sparky

2005 AtomicAvenue Review of Chemistry

2003 CerebusFangirl.com Transcript and audio of Dave Sim & Steve Peters' "Spirituality VS. God" panel at SPACE

1998 AtomicAvenue Review of Everwinds series

1997 AtomicAvenue Review of Awakening Comics series

1997 Animation World Magazine Article on how to get published

friends of awakening                 

A Moment of Cerebus - The comics art of Dave Sim & Gerhard 

MaximilianInk - Max Ink's Blink comic weblog

Drowned Town Press - E.J. Barnes' comics

Archetypal Images - Eric Wilmoth's Blog

Cerebus FanGirl - Margaret Liss' excellent Cerebus resource

Zinc Comics - Brian Payne's site 

DreTime - Andrea Grigoropol's blog

Philly Comix Jam

American Elf - James Kochalka's daily web strip